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Denicomp and Windows XP Service Pack 2 FAQ 
Please read before sending any support questions.



RSH, RCP and REXEC Servers and Clients

Denicomp provides Windows versions of:

  • RCP, RSH, and REXEC commands
  • Remote Shell Daemon (RSHD)
  • Remote Exec Daemon (REXECD)
  • Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) providing RCP, RSH, and REXEC capabilities in your programs

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What are RSH, RCP, and REXEC?

These are commands commonly found on Unix systems.  They operate over a TCP/IP network and provide a convenient method of performing remote program executions and file transfers.  They are meant to be used within a network of computers where users are generally trusted, and convenience is more important than security.


Evaluation Versions
Fully functional evaluation (but time limited) versions of each product is available for you to download and try.  Click on Products above to find information about each product and to download the evaluation versions.

Licensed Versions

If you are a licensed user and you want to obtain the latest version of the software, or you have just purchased online and selected electronic distribution, click on Licensed Users above to download the licensed file.

If you just purchased the software, you must download and install the licensed version so it overwrites the evaluation version.  You must have your installation password to use the licensed file downloads.

Tech Support
E-mail tech support questions to  Also check the FAQ!