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Winsock RCP/RSH/REXEC provides Windows versions of the RCP, RSH, and REXEC clients normally found on Unix systems. The package includes all three commands.

Winsock RCP allows you to copy files to and from a remote system over a TCP/IP connection. It works like the COPY command, except either the source or destination can be another system.  It supports recursive copying of directory trees and end-of-line conversion for ASCII files.

Winsock RSH allows you to execute a program on a remote system and view the output of that program on your screen or capture the output to a file. Only non-interactive programs can be executed and only the output of programs that write to the "standard output" or "standard error" can be viewed or captured.  (You won't see anything from a graphical program.)

Winsock REXEC is similar to Winsock RSH; it allows you to execute a program on a remote system. However, it requires you to specify a valid password for the remote system before the command is executed.

Winsock RCP/RSH/REXEC works with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.  It includes both Windows (GUI) and Console versions of each command.


Single License
Multiple Licenses

Example: 5 x $25 = $125
 $25.00 each
Site License

Unlimited use - single location within a company or organization*
 $400.00 each
Corporate License

Usage at multiple locations within a company or organization*, up to 500 systems
 $1000.00 each
Enterprise License

Unlimited use - multiple locations within your company or organization*

* - A "company or organization" is a singular legal entity trading under a single name, or other organization, or agency of government, or department of government, operating under a single name. In a company, organization, governmental agency, or department of government consisting of multiple divisions, subsidiaries, etc. trading or operating under different names, a corporate license applies only to that division, subsidiary, agency, or department licensing the software.


Key Features
  • Includes the rsh, rcp, and rexec commands
  • Numerous command line options to control operation, including minimized and hidden window options for seamless integration into software packages
  • Includes both Win32 "console" (character) versions and GUI versions of each command
  • rsh and rexec handles redirection of standard input, output, and error across the network
  • Ability to specify the password for rexec on the command line (-p option) instead of requiring interactive entry
  • Site and Corporate Licensing options available



can be used to communicate with Unix systems or non-Unix systems.  However, to communicate with a non-Unix system, that system must be running a Unix compatible version of the Remote Shell Daemon (rshd) or Remote Exec Daemon (rexecd).  These service the rsh, rexec, and rcp commands.

Windows systems do not include a Remote Shell Daemon or Remote Exec Daemon.  To rsh, rexec, or rcp to a Windows system, it must be running a third party rshd and/or rexecd, such as Denicomp Systems' Winsock RSHD/95 for Windows 95/98/ME, or Winsock RSHD/NT for Windows NT/2000/XP.