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Winsock RSHD/NT



Winsock RSHD/NT is a Remote Shell Daemon for Windows NT, 2000, and XP. It services the standard rsh and rcp commands.  It runs as a Windows Service and will work only under Windows NT, 2000, XP, or 2003. For a version that runs on Windows 95/98/ME, see Winsock RSHD/95.

The rsh command allows you to remotely execute programs on the system running Winsock RSHD/NT from another system over a TCP/IP connection.  The standard output and standard error output of the program executed is returned to the rsh command, if the program executed is a Win32 console application (and some DOS applications).

Note: On some systems, the rsh command is named remsh or rcmd.

The rcp command allows you to copy files over a TCP/IP connection to and from the system running RSHD/NT.  The rcp command works much like the Unix cp or DOS COPY command, except that either the source or destination may be another system running a Remote Shell Daemon that supports rcp, such as Winsock RSHD/NT.

Unlike rexec, the rsh command does not require you to specify a password for each command.  Instead, security is enforced through host equivalency, meaning that you can specify that user "A" on "host1" is equivalent to user "A" on "host2" and no password is necessary for that user.

Winsock RSHD/NT does not include the rsh and rcp commands - it is the server side of those commands.  Unix, Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003 includes a native implementation of the rsh and rcp commands, but Windows 95/98/ME does not.  If you need these commands, check into our Winsock RCP/RSH/REXEC product.


Single License
Multiple Licenses

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 $40.00 each
Site License

Unlimited use - single location within a company or organization*
 $600.00 each
Corporate License

Usage at multiple locations within a company or organization*, up to 500 systems
 $1500.00 each
Enterprise License

Unlimited usage at multiple locations within a company or organization*
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* - A "company or organization" is a singular legal entity trading under a single name, or other organization, or agency of government, or department of government, operating under a single name. In a company, organization, governmental agency, or department of government consisting of multiple divisions, subsidiaries, etc. trading or operating under different names, a corporate license applies only to that division, subsidiary, agency, or department licensing the software.


Key Features
  • Services the standard rsh and rcp commands
  • Security can be enforced to help prevent unauthorized access
  • User Equivalency table allows you equate remote user logins with Windows user logins
  • Extensive logging to help track access and usage
  • Special "SendKeys" extension to the standard rsh command allows some remote control of GUI programs, even from Unix
  • Specific operations (rsh, incoming files from rcp, or outgoing files from rcp) can be independently enabled and disabled
  • Has options to perform automatic end-of-line conversions on files transferred using rcp (convert all files, never convert, convert based on file extension, or convert based file contents)
  • Site and Corporate Licensing options available


Current Version:  2.24.01
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