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Winsock RCMD32.DLL



Winsock RCMD32.DLL is a 32-bit Microsoft Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that allows you to execute a program on a remote system via TCP/IP and retrieve any output of that program for use within your program. It provides the functionality of the standard rsh and rexec commands.

The remote system must be running a Remote Shell Daemon (rshd) or Remote Exec Daemon (rexecd). This remote system can be:

  • a Unix or Linux system (which usually includes rshd and rexecd)
  • another Windows system running a Unix-compatible rshd (such as Denicomp Systems' Winsock RSHD/95 or Winsock RSHD/NT)
  • another Windows system running a Unix-compatible rexecd (such as Denicomp Systems' Winsock REXECD/95 or Winsock REXECD/NT)
  • Any other operating system with a Unix-compatible rshd or rexecd

The program executed must be non-interactive and in order to retrieve its output, it must write to the "standard output" or "standard error".

Winsock RCMD32.DLL can be distributed royalty-free with your software.


Winsock RCMD32.DLL is $29.95 per developer (i.e. programmer that uses it).  It is licensed per developer (not end user) and can be distributed royalty free with your application.


Key Features
  • Simple DLL calls work in almost any programming language
  • Includes examples in C, Visual Basic, and Powerbuilder
  • Use either the rsh or rexec protocol
  • Specify the remote user in the call or get it from Windows or INI file
  • Trap rsh/rexec errors in your program and handle them
  • Capture stdout/stderr of the remote program and process it in your program
  • Royalty-free distribution with your application.  Licensed per developer, not end user