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Winsock REXECD/NT is a Remote Exec Daemon for Windows NT, 2000, XP. It services the standard rexec command.  It runs as a Windows Service and will work only under Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003. For a Windows 95/98/ME version, see Winsock REXECD/95.

The rexec command allows you to remotely execute programs on the system running REXECD/NT over a TCP/IP connection from another system.  You can then see the standard output and standard error output of the program executed if it is a Win32 console application (and some DOS applications).

The rexec command is similar to the rsh command, except that rexec requires you to specify a valid password for the remote system.  So Winsock REXECD/NT verifies that the client system has specified a valid Windows user/password before granting access; rsh does not do this.   Also, programs are executed on the Windows system in the security context of the user specified in the rexec command.

Winsock REXECD/NT does not include the rexec command - it is the server side of that command.  Unix, Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003 include their own native implementation of the rexec command, but Windows 95/98/ME does not.   If you need an rexec command, check into our Winsock RCP/RSH/REXEC product.


Single License
Multiple Licenses

  Example: 5 x $40 = $200
 $40.00 each
Site License

Unlimited use - single location within a company or organization*
 $600.00 each
Corporate License

Usage at multiple locations within a company or organization*, up to 500 systems
 $1500.00 each
Enterprise License

Unlimited usage at multiple locations within a company or organization*
Contact for pricing:

* - A "company or organization" is a singular legal entity trading under a single name, or other organization, or agency of government, or department of government, operating under a single name. In a company, organization, governmental agency, or department of government consisting of multiple divisions, subsidiaries, etc. trading or operating under different names, a corporate license applies only to that division, subsidiary, agency, or department licensing the software.


Key Features
  • Services the standard rexec command
  • Requires a valid Windows user and password be specified at the client
  • Additional security can be enforced to help prevent unauthorized access by allowing/denying specific users and client systems
  • Extensive logging to help track access and usage
  • Special "SendKeys" extension to the standard rsh command allows some remote control of GUI programs, even from Unix
  • Allows file copying to and from the Windows system via a non-standard extension to the rcp command.
  • Site and Corporate Licensing options available


Current Version: 1.08.06
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